Nowadays, the society is driven by innovation and advanced technology. Everything around you changes quickly and constantly. Every morning we wake up, we are always surprised by economy, society, politic, culture, and technology that have impacted on our lives one way or another.

Economic activity is one thing that is directly affected by the rapid changes in this era. Hence, both international trade and investment must be constantly changed, such as financial transactions and development or commercial business by new innovations, etc.

In the latter, all the above factors have immense effect on the economic change in Thailand particularly, promoting entrepreneurship or investment by government agency through the economic policy and society of itself.

From the above mentioned, we could not deny that the world has been changed rapidly so that the Government, private sector and public sector must always adjust to the current situation. Also, precision and expedition to determine and solve the problems at all times. Especially, in aspect of private sector, the entrepreneur may encounter with the conflicts arising from various reasons such as the dispute that arising from Business Contract or innovative imitation which is the violation of the intellectual property, etc.

However, when there is a legal dispute or business dispute arises if not properly and promptly correcting the problems it may cause enormous damage and affect the business.

Therefore, expedite and effective dispute resolution is the way to conduct the business smoothly and efficiently. At the present, the international dispute resolution could be classified into two main types; The first type is Litigation which is considered as the main dispute resolution, and The second type is Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) such as negotiation, mediation, conciliation and arbitration procedures.

In the midst of entrepreneur 4.0 and the business confliction as mentioned earlier, Dispute resolution by various methods to achieve the maximum benefits requires a team of attorneys who provide high-quality legal services and can be trusted. And that is professional of the legal consultants who are knowledgeable and experienced in dispute resolution as well as conducting legal action to maximize the benefits for our clients. To handle the disputes as quickly as possible with the effective result and maintain the relationships between the parties as much as possible.

Legal Spirit realizes how important of providing legal service to address the legal solutions and to deal with unprecedented changes in this 4.0 era. We therefore have professional legal consultants who experienced in all types of dispute resolution, and our litigation team that are prompt to provide the legal service for prospective clients Besides, the Litigation, we also expertise in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as well as the team with fluent foreign languages in order to work efficiently with foreigner clients. Furthermore we are constantly studying the development of law and new technologies, to be applied to all business disputes.

Moreover, even though our organization develops legal services in order to keep up with the world changing circumstances however the commitment that we still hold and adhere to since the first day of our legal service until now is to provide legal services under the core value of the organization, which are; being responsible, punctual, efficient and always reliable.

The things that indicates the expertise in dispute resolution includes devoting to our legal service has been reflected through various works such as Dispute Resolution and Litigation, Business and Financial Litigation which worth over ten million baht, the Administration, Bankruptcy, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), International Trade Dispute, and Dispute Resolution by International Arbitration Process. The example in some cases we had the opportunity to provide legal services can be seen as follows;
  • Represented company's director in the lawsuits related to disputes between the directors of the Company and third parties regarding misappropriation of business assets worth over 4,500 million baht
  • Represented the third biggest textile company in Thailand for filing to the Supreme Court in the amount of dispute over 20,000 million Bath.
  • Represented a major transformer production company which bid a project with a project value of 2,000 million baht, with a state agency. The state agency’s order was without legal ground and caused damages to the client.
  • Represented a leading titanium ore import company from China and negotiated in favor of both parties.
  • Represented an energy company, against a manufacturing company in Malaysia, on an international trade regarding the breach of contract issue.
  • Represented a leading transformer production company in Thailand requesting a country in South Asia’s state agency the compensation and represented in the international arbitration proceeding.
In addition to the examples mentioned above. There are still many cases that we had the opportunity to serve and provide legal services at full capacity with different type of cases and complexity levels. But no matter how hard of the case is, we are ready to provide high-quality legal services by our legal professional consultants that are very experienced, knowledgeable, prudent, full service and always reliable for the utmost eventuation of clients.