Legal Spirit is a law firm which experts in the areas of commercial transactions, dispute resolution and litigation, Corporate Services, Government Relations, Investment in AEC, Energy, Family Law and Private Clients. We emphasize our services to be high quality and efficiency with full of attendance and we also give precedence to every details of works. For more information on our services, please select a practice area below.


Legal Spirit provides an array of counsels relating to tax for clients who are on business or are facing a problem with tax. We ascertain our clients to achieve the justice as well as the best benefits they deserve. We serve a numerous kind of clients, such as, energy company, media company. Our team specializes in Tax law, and when combines with the specialty of the audit team, all clients satisfy with our counsels.

The example of our company’s experiences can be seen as follow:
  • Represented a major palm oil company in Thailand for appealing tax matters. The amount was approximately 100,000,000 Bath.