Legal Spirit is a law firm which experts in the areas of commercial transactions, dispute resolution and litigation, Corporate Services, Government Relations, Investment in AEC, Energy, Family Law and Private Clients. We emphasize our services to be high quality and efficiency with full of attendance and we also give precedence to every details of works. For more information on our services, please select a practice area below.


Legal Spirit is a firm that specializes in settling an array of disputes and filing for cases related to business, international Trade Law, administrative law, and cases with amount of dispute over 10,000 million. In addition, it has involved in wide range of practice in high-profiled cases in Appeal Court as well as Supreme Court, including disputes under rules of international arbitration.

It has a professional team with experiences in strategy of law and control maneuvers to win a case. Also, it provides the team with fluent foreign languages in order to work efficiently with foreigner clients.

The example of our company’s experiences can be seen as follow:
  • Represented the third biggest textile company in Thailand for filing to the Supreme Court in the amount of dispute over 20,000 million Bath.
  • Represented a government official in administration and criminal case. Protected the interest for 500million bath, then the court also dismissed the appropriation case.
  • Represented a commercial area in Chacheangsao province in litigation of servitude of that area. The Court of First Instance and the Appeal Court adjudicated in favor of the client, the case is now in the proceeding of the Supreme Court.
  • Represented a real estate business person in requesting an estate to Administrative Court. The amount of dispute was over 600 million Bath.
  • Negotiated a favorable settlement for a client after ejected the foreigner from the estate. The approximated amount was over 150,000,000 Bath.
  • Represented a major transformer production company which bid a project (valued 2,000,000,000 Bath) with a state agency. The state agency’s order was without legal ground and caused damages to the client.
  • Represented 6 medical authority whose administrator impeded their promotion, after that those were entitled to the rights and the promotion.
  • Defended a Japanese business person in the case that a dispute about real estate related to other Japanese business person. The case was dismissed and the client was proved innocent.
  • Represented an English client, who is a former administrator in English army, for an environmental dispute requesting Car and fiber glass production company ceased the practice of emitting toxin to adjacent areas.
  • Represented a leading transformer production company in Thailand requesting a country in South Asia’s state agency the compensation and represented in the international arbitration proceeding.
  • Represented a leading Titanium import Company and negotiated in favor of both parties.
  • Represented a client, who disputed with a French entrepreneur, in a real estate issue, located in Bangkok. The dispute was finally conciliated.
  • Represented a well-known American company in an intellectual property protection issue. The dispute was well-off settled.
  • Represented an Energy company, against a manufacturing company in Malaysia, on an international trade regarding the breach of contract issue.
  • Represented 6 government officers of the Public Health Ministry, in an administrative authorization issue against the Ministry’s director to the Administrative Court. Our clients finally got a justify authorization.
  • Represented an Australian client, in mediation on child custody, divorce, property separation, including ownership in resort and other properties in Thailand.
  • Representative of an industrial machine and equipment company in Thailand on the employee’s breach of rules issue.
  • Represented a company in its litigation between the manager and other third parties. The capital of the case worth more than 96 million USD.
  • Represent a client to claim for his forfeiture resulting from a car accident. The claimant eventually got a full compensation.
  • Representative of a Taiwanese client in a legacy management case, which those numerous value of properties located in Thailand
  • Etc.