Legal Spirit is a law firm which is recognized for providing high-quality services to address the legal solutions required by its clients. It has worked hard on its legal service and given the legal advise in order to protect its clients advantage. This conducts by its professional legal consultants who know that client service is the most important mission in their practice.

"We have prepared the service for
our clients in every aspects"

We have prepared the service for our clients in every aspects. Our team contains both experienced and new-blood legal consultants. We give legal advises in procedural law, the settlement of dispute, and business law for both Thai and foreigner such as Investment in Thailand, Amalgamation, International Commercial Law, intellectual property litigation, Investment in Energy, Expropriation the property, the settlement in alternative solution-Arbitration-,and so on.

As Asian Economic Community (AEC) is starting soon. This causes Today's enterprises facing unprecedented changes in the business and regulation. Besides it will incur variation in society, economics, and culture as well. Hence, we intend to conduct our service for both in Thailand and in AEC Countries.

We simultaneously participate in the society service since we realize that our society needs hands to make it peaceful. Moreover, we support the society under the Rule of Law and Justice before the law.

Vision, Mission and Core Values



Legal Spirit Ltd. is a leading law firm in Thailand which is recognized for competency and morality as well as being an organization that has participated in creating the fairness in the society.


Make the legal service always be the matter of propriety and virtue.


Core Values

Responsibility, Punctuality, Efficiency, and Reliability.